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How do I gain access outside of staffed hours?

To access clubs outside of staffed hours you need to be over 18 years of age and have signed a 24 hour access waiver. All members who wish to access the club after hours must sign one of our waivers acknowledging the health and safety requirements.

If you did not do this when signing up please go into your nearest club during staffed hours and they will provide assistance.

I have signed a waiver, but my card does not work after hours.
If you have any payments outstanding, your access will be denied while you have payments owing. To bring your account up to date you can either:

    • Pay over the counter at your nearest CityFitness
    • Contact Member Services to pay 0800 348 637

If neither of these reasons apply to you, please go to your nearest club during staffed hours and our staff will be able to assist.

Click here to view our club locations and staffed hours.