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Can I change my current membership type?

If you find you wish to access Group Fitness classes or Yoga classes (available at selected locations) or if you find you are not using all the facilities, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. All downgrades that switch to a commit membership start a new 12 month commitment while all upgrades will continue on your current term (if still under a commitment).

I signed up to a 12 month commit membership. Can I still upgrade or downgrade my membership?

Yes, any original contracted term will remain against the new membership type.

Any downgrade to a Basic membership will result in a new 12 month term.


I upgraded my membership in the CityFitness app. What happens next?

You can upgrade to the Premium membership within the CityFitness app. The upgrade will take effect automatically in the app and you will be able to access the Premium member benefits.

Please note that it will take up to five days for these changes to be applied to  your membership.


How do I upgrade/downgrade my membership?

To upgrade or downgrade your membership you will need to fill in a Membership Upgrade or Downgrade Request form in club. If you cannot make it into a club simply type "upgrade" or "downgrade" into the support box in the bottom right of the screen and  follow the prompts.


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