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How do I utilise the free COVID hold?

Membership billing will resume as normal in Alert Level 2. We understand that many members will not be able to utilise the full benefits of their memberships under these guidelines. For that reason, we offer a free 14 day* COVID hold which members can apply themselves via the membership portal on our website.

*In the event that level 2 is extended past 14 you will be able to reapply the hold.

Note free COVID holds must be actioned by the member via the membership portal and are not available via membership portals in club.

You can  action the free COVID hold here.

If you are experiencing issues please see I am having trouble placing my membership on hold in the membership portal

  1. Log into the membership portal using your email address and password

    note: this password is different from the CityFitness app. If this is the first-time logging into the portal click the ‘forgotten password’ message at the bottom and a link will be emailed to the nominated email address.


    When logging in please select the club you signed up at in the club field. 
  2. Once the account is setup and you have logged in the following screen will show. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Select ‘My Memberships’. This will bring up a list of memberships.

  4. Click ‘Place on Hold’ to place the desired membership on hold.

  5. Select a start and end date and click ‘Update Price’..

    Hold 7

  6. The hold fee will display as $0.00. Select ‘Place Hold’ to put the membership on hold.